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Harmony At Home

We know the importance of strong family relationships

Whether you are a parent, caregiver, homeschool educator, or an organization elevating family engagement, Harmony at Home is a great resource for building healthy relationships.

Discover a holistic approach to family bonding and education! Dive into a library of resources designed to nurture relationships and foster meaningful connections within your family.


Step-by-Step Lessons and Activities


Flexible Use, Whether on the Road or At Home

No-Cost Digital Resources & Harmony at Home Kits

Our resources make social and emotional learning easy and accessible for parents and caregivers with tools that adapt to where families thrive.

Harmony at Home

Learning Tools for Parents, Caregivers, & Family Engagement Organizations

Harmony at Home helps parents, caregivers, and providers focused on family engagement elevate social and emotional skills for children ages 4-11. Our tools and resources support families with the evidence-based strategies that Harmony has developed for classroom teachers.

Get started with user-friendly support for SEL at home:

  • Introduction to Social and Emotional Learning
  • Harmony Everyday Practices
  • Adapted age-appropriate lessons
  • Access to live implementation training webinars
  • New! Harmony at Home Kits
  • Engage in a variety of games to spark discussions and build SEL skills

Share support that empowers families to:

Access our no-cost digital lessons online or level up with our Harmony at Home Kit

Enjoy Harmony activities as a family or shared at a community or school event

Build strong relationships with families

Access Harmony Training Resources with Certificates of Completion

Practice self-care for all ages

Home School Educators

Social and emotional learning Support in Home School or Remote Learning Settings

Strengthen healthy relationships and academic engagement with Harmony’s Everyday Practices, lessons, and activities flexible for any setting.

Access these materials and optimize home school learning: 

  • Planning materials
  • Everyday Practices, interactive games, and digital storybooks with the Clubhouse Friends
  • Family support resources
  • Professional development opportunities

When planning Remote Learning or Home School Teaching with Harmony, you have all the resources you need to:

Engage children in easy-to-use resources

Develop healthy relationships

Build strong home-school connections

Get Started

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