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The Harmony at
Home Kit

Relationships are a cornerstone to an enriched life,
beginning at the youngest ages. The Harmony at Home Kit and our no-cost digital online resources for parents and caregivers reinforce real-world skills and strategies that positively impact families’ lives.

Support Emotional Well-Being and Healthy Relationships at Home

Our new kits are designed to elevate the Harmony lessons that give children the skills and real-world strategies they need for practicing problem solving, taking personal responsibility, and improving communication. The Harmony at Home Kit is the best choice for parents, caregivers, and home school providers. Continue to access our no-cost digital resources at

What’s Inside

  • Quick Connection Cards
  • Storybooks of Z and the Clubhouse Friends
  • Z Plush Doll
  • Lessons and Activities Guide Book

Harmony at Home Kit Components

Kit Options to Select:

Primary Kit for children ages 4-7 Upper Kit for children ages 8-11 with materials included for the age span. Full lesson components available digitally at

Quick Connection Cards

Specifically designed for non-classroom settings, the 200+ cards in your grade level span can be used in any setting and at any time.

Storybooks of Z and the Clubhouse Friends

Read the exciting adventures of Z and the Clubhouse Friends with your children as they explore real-world situations to build social and emotional competencies, reading comprehension, and literacy. Each kit contains 22 storybooks for the grade level band.

Z Plush Doll

Meet Z, our program mascot, featured throughout the Storybook series. Z sparks curiosity and enables your child to connect with the characters, roleplay, and explore solutions to everyday scenarios.

Lessons & Activities Guidebook

Harmony offers flexible and adaptable Lessons & Activities for the out-of-school time setting that focus on social and emotional SEL competency development through building healthy relationships with peers, adults, and the community.

Each kit includes one guidebook for lower grades (PreK-2) or one guidebook for upper grades (3rd-6th) with 30 lessons and activities.

Option for credit card orders coming soon.

Change the World
One Relationship at a Time!

The Harmony at Home Kit amplifies children’s experiences with Harmony’s no-cost digital resources by reinforcing real-world skills and strategies that make a difference in their lives.


Evidence-based Harmony Curriculum thas already impacted more than 20 million students.

a Passion

Join the adventures of the Clubhouse Friends and follow our Storybook characters who learn and grow just like your children do – year after year!


Learn how Harmony helps bring joy and excitement in learning literacy skills.

Make Every
Minute Count

Access our comprehensive year-long curriculum and quick everyday activities that build community and empathy with children.


Use resources at any time or anywhere to build character development with children.


Our program has been shown to increase school connection, improve empathy skills.

Empower Your School’s Success

The Elementary and Secondary Emergency Relief Program (ESSER) initiative, managed by the Department of Education, addresses the urgent financial needs of U.S. school districts in the wake of COVID-19. School districts apply for these funds through their respective state educational agencies (SEAs). Detailed guidelines and particulars are available on the U.S. Department of Education website. 

ESSER funds are earmarked for enhancing students’ academic, social, and emotional well-being post the COVID-19 learning setbacks. This funding encompasses evidence-based programs supporting Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) and Tier 1 social-emotional learning strategies.

Harmony Academy Eligibility

Act Now! ESSER III funds must be obligated by September 30, 2024, and liquidated within 120 days thereafter. Consult the U.S. Department of Education’s FAQ for the latest guidelines and timelines at

Funding Availability

Equip your school community with the resources it requires. Our dedicated Education Partnerships Team is poised to assist you in navigating and utilizing these funding options to bolster Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) initiatives. Access our district consultation form to kickstart your journey toward securing these essential resources.

Other Funding Opportunities

Other state and federal funding sources may be used for purchasing these kits such as Title I, Title III, CCSPP Implementation Grants, ASES Program, and 21st Century CCLC. Consult with your district and school leaders to explore these funding sources and other grant opportunities.