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The Harmony
Classroom Kit

Elevate Students Socially, Emotionally, and Academically with Harmony Curriculum!

The new Harmony Classroom Kit is designed to amplify Harmony’s no-cost digital curriculum by reinforcing real-world skills and strategies to make a difference in students’ lives.

Support Emotional Well-Being and
Healthy Relationships

Our new kits are designed to elevate the Harmony lessons that give students the skills and real-world strategies they need for practicing problem solving, taking personal responsibility, and improving communication. Continue to access our no-cost digital resources at

What’s Inside

  • Quick Connection Cards
  • Storybooks of Z and the Clubhouse Friends
  • Z Plush Doll
  • NEW! Literature Guides

Flexible Resources providing Professional Support for Educators:

  • Available for Grades Pre-K–5
  • One kit recommended per classroom
  • No-cost digital resources in the Harmony Academy Online Learning Portal including: Lessons, Activities, Professional Learning Resources, Scope and Sequence Overviews, Alignment Guides, and more!

Kit Components

Full lesson components available digitally at

Quick Connection Cards

Over 200 Conversation, Collaboration, and Community Builder Quick Connection Cards per kit.

Support the digital program with activities, questions, and prompts that promote reflection, communication, and collaboration.

Inspire students and create a sense of belonging while building relationships utilizing the pre-printed cards included in the kit. Quick Connection Cards provide hands-on engagement and facilitate the formation of deeper relationships.

Storybooks of Z and the Clubhouse Friends

The kits for grades Pre-K, K, 1st, 2nd each include 22 titles.

The kits for grades 3rd,4th, 5th each include 6 titles, six copies of each title.

Explore the adventures of Z and the Clubhouse Friends in real-world scenarios while students build social and emotional competencies, reading comprehension, fluency, and literacy.

Z Plush Doll

Follow the adventures of Z, our program mascot, featured throughout the Storybook series. Z sparks curiosity and enables students to connect with the characters and explore solutions to everyday scenarios.

Literature Guides

Includes 15 Literature Guides by grade level bands. Newly developed lesson guides created in collaboration with Renowned Literacy Expert Dr. Douglas Fisher, provide instructional support for grade-level literature that aligns to the themes of the Harmony Curriculum. Reinforce literacy skills and valuable life lessons through stories that integrate social, emotional, and academic development.

Change the World
One Relationship at a Time!

The Harmony Classroom Kit is designed to amplify Harmony’s no-cost digital curriculum by reinforcing real-world skills and strategies that make a difference in students’ lives.


Evidence-based Harmony Curriculum thas already impacted more than 20 million students.

a Passion

Join the adventures of the Clubhouse Friends and see your students become lifelong learners. Follow our Storybook characters who mature as your students do – year after year!


Learn specific ways Harmony integrates with Literacy, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Make Every
Minute Count

Access our comprehensive year-long curriculum and quick everyday activities that build community and empathy throughout the school day.


Ready for Use in Any Setting! Implement in whole groups, small groups, or for individual learning support.


Our program has shown to increase school enjoyment, improve empathy skills, and decrease bullying on school campuses.

Spanish Kits Coming Soon!

Discover our new Harmony at Home and Out-of-School Time Kits for additional learning environments!