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Harmony Professional Learning™

Formerly Inspire Leading in Learning

Inspiring Educators to
Become Lifelong Learners

Your Path to Excellence in Education

Prepare to make a difference in the lives of students and communities through Harmony Professional Learning. Our on-demand resources help educators improve their practice and encourage Pre-k to 12th grade students to become enthusiastic, engaged learners. Our value-rich pathways also open doors to National University’s career-ready credentials and advanced degree opportunities that empower you to shape the future of education by enriching your own expertise.

Every child deserves an inspiring educator who knows how to tap into resources and support student success. This fundamental belief is the backbone of the Harmony Professional Learning mission. We’re dedicated to supporting the needs of districts, universities, and other organizations in every community by providing research-based insights, time-tested tools, and proven practices to celebrate and develop the Whole Educator. Our goal is clear: support the Whole Educator to drive Whole Student success.

Improve your teaching practice and help students thrive with
Harmony Professional Learning Resources

  • Access a variety of modules and resources to support Pre-K to 12th grade learners
  • Shape the future of education by elevating your expertise with research-informed professional learning opportunities
  • Get access to webinars led by inspirational educators and thought leaders
  • Expand your teaching knowledge through on-demand modules that can be completed in an hour or less
  • Benefit from modules aligned with the latest research in education in a variety of topics, including trauma-informed instruction, building healthy relationships, coping with teacher stress, and more
  • Explore pathways for certificates, credentials, and degrees at National University
  • Earn certificates of completion, easily track progress, and set personal and organizational goals