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Harmony Professional Learning™

Developing SEL
Capacity Pathway

Support the Whole Educator and Drive Whole Student Success

Through the units in this pathway, you can explore how to build healthy relationships in supportive learning environments, enabling students to thrive. 

Foundations of Social
and Emotional Learning Unit

Learn to build strong, inspiring relationships with students by recognizing them individually and celebrating their differences. Topics include Nurturing Student Inspiration, Helping Students Want to Achieve, and more.

Classroom Design
and Instruction Unit

Discover how intentional classroom and planning can engage and empower all students. Topics include: Affirming Difference and Valuing Background Knowledge, Give Effective Praise, and more.

Educator SEL

Reflect on how to improve teaching practices for the Whole Educator, classroom culture, and relationships with students and adults. Topics include: Self-Compassion and Emotion Regulation for Educators, Problem Solving for Educators, and more.

Youth Development & Mentoring

Discover and build the foundations of youth mentorship. Topics include: Mentoring in Sports, Understanding the Impact of Trauma, and more.

Educator SEL Pathway

Through our no-cost Educator SEL Pathway, Harmony Professional Learning provides on-demand modules focused on intrapersonal, interpersonal , and cognitive competencies to support the Whole Educator. Educators develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to help them interact with themselves, students, colleagues, leaders, and families in a social and emotional learning context.


Understanding the Brain to get to the Heart of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

Self-Compassion and Emotion Regulation for Educators

Coping with Teacher Stress


Teamwork and Collaboration for Educators

Meaningful Relationships with Educators and School Leaders

Maintain Professional Relationships with Colleagues

Mentoring in Sports: Coach Mentor Blueprint


Problem Solving for Educators

Combating Cognitive Overload

Engaging Emotions to Improve Memory Retention

 Harmony Unit Connections:
Navigating SEL
Capacities and Competencies

To demonstrate SEL capacities and competencies, each Harmony unit also asks educators to consider:


Build on knowledge by examining research on why student social and emotional competencies and sub-competencies are critical.

Think On It

Reflect on assumptions about social and emotional development to understand how students and adults use SEL competencies.

Act On It

Understand students in context by considering culture, lived experience, and other unique attributes to nurture and support individual strengths.

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